Best HD Dealer In Alberta and Kelowna
We live in Delta, B.C and were on a trip going up to Jasper. My brother's Yellow Softail Heritage got a pretty bad flat tire so we limped the bike to your shop in Alberta and not knowing who he was, Grant Price was sitting outside on the bench as we pulled in. He asked what was up and we told him how we had ridden for 3 hours stopping constantly to fill the tire up with air to make it. As soon as Grant heard that, he pulled the bike into the shop, cleared a bench and had it being worked on within minutes. He then took us for a tour of the shop, gave us all swag bags full of goodies and bottles of water as it was super hot out. Within a few hours, the bike was ready to go with a new tube and tire as my brother had the extended warranty and with more bottles of water, Grant waved us off and we rode out of there completely bewildered by what had happened. It was only after Grant had left to go have lunch that we found out who he was and it really burned a memory into all of us as to how he treated us. Amazing man, amazing shop and a bar set so high for HD that can only be matched by our very own HD dealership in B.C known as Mountainview Harley in Chilliwack. We've come to know the people at the Kelowna dealership as we ride up there a lot in the summer and when I needed parts and oil, they came through with flying colours. All 3 times we've needed to stop there, it's been to a warm welcome followed up by bottles of water and handshakes all around. The staff is so friendly and the parts department were so helpful and went out of their way to get the oil and filter and a few pieces of bling I had to My girl loved the motorclothes department and the women there were very well versed in what they had in the way of clothing to keep us cool with wicking t-shirts and a hydration vest. I just wanted to let others know that when you need help, service, clothes or just a friendly smile with a handshake out on the road, Gasoline-Alley have you covered and then some. Thanks for being there for us and for always having our backs out on the road....Sam & Kal Singh (Employee: Grant Price)
Sam Singh
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