Best Birthday of my life,(so far). My girlfriend razzes me about harley all the time and i showed her a picture of the Road Glide Special,2021, I was looking at when I woke up at 1 am. We were riding through ok falls from Sicamous for my birthday, as we passed Gasoline alley, i whined i side knowing the bike of my dreams was in there.. As luck had it her bike, not a harley, her clutch cable broke and we were just down the street from gasoline alley. Seh was bummed as that meant our ride was over and I smiled and said I guess Im getting a bike for my birthday!!! So called the staff and they got the bike and papers ready for me, in no time!!!! What an amazing staff!! Everything ran like clockwork, and they surprised me with a happy birthday banner also!!!.. My girlfriend got to ride her and i carried on on my sport glide 2018 which i love for the cornering its a beauty sporty bike!! So best birthday ever we rode till passed sunset and now i am the proud owner of the beauty Road Glide 2021 and her lil sis the Sport glide 2018 !!! The team kicked serious ass for my day and made it one of the best memories of my life!! Many more to come on that beauty ride thanks team!! You pulled off a birthday wish and cant thank you enough! (Employee: Michael "Bubba" Hewat)
Ursula (Alex) Johnson
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