2021 Road Glide Mods
Since buying my 2021 Road Glide Special I wanted three major mods. New Rockford/Fosgate Stereo, New Handlebars with heated grips, and Stage 1 Pipes and tuner. This year is different than any other as aftermarket parts are in short supply, no Chips for my Rockford Amp, Mufflers delayed, Brake lines hard to get. I wanted alot of parts and John set out ordering them all and just staying on it as delays were announced. John has given incredible customer service throughout this process, answering every email I sent, asking about parts status, before the day was out. A couple of weeks ago all the parts were in for the amp, harness and speakers and John phoned and said service would get ahold of me the next day to get Job 1 started and done. Janice and TJ took care of all my requests, and had the bike in and out as soon as they possibly could. I also do know that GM Brad was in there getting his hands dirty ensuring my Amp and stereo was tuned to perfection. With snow on the ground, now making daily trips to the garage just to listen to this Stereo. Looks like the rest of the parts should be here pretty quick and then Jobs 2 and 3, but it great to know John has every part ordered so when this bike goes in to the shop, every part is there and job will be completed perfectly. This is the fourth Harley that is now under their care and I have always had total satisfaction with the work done by the guys and gals at Gasoline Alley. My trips usually begin with getting greeted by Cassidy as I walk in and I always stop to say Hi to Jenn as I'm leaving because I think she still has the biggest smile, I have written reviews before and will again because the staff here know and care for the Harleys that customers bring in and the customer, in my experience, is always treated like they appreciate the business. Thanks Brad and Gang ! (Employee: Brad Harnett, John Godin, Janice Lautard, Jennifer Smith)
Lloyd McClelland
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