Back to the good old days
Do you remember when you could walk into a bike shop and people would say hello even if they didnt know you? Well thats the vibe at GAHD!! I took my bike in to get some work done and from the moment I steeped through the door the sales guys gave me a wave and hello, as I went towards service the lovely girls behind the counter said hi, the parts team said good morning and Brad the manager came over to ask if I wanted to see my bike. As we went through service everyone smiled, said hello or acknowledged me with a head nod! This is what owning a Harley is all about !! A brotherhood and sisterhood, a family! The bike looks great and the enthusiasm from the GAHD family put it over the top! I wouldnt take my bike anywhere else! Thanks again to you all!! (Employee: Brad Harnett, Jennifer Smith, Janice Lautard, Madison Price, TJ Blow, Cassidy Barron, John Godin, Michael "Bubba" Hewat, Ted Taylor)
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